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Gates to Epiphanies–Working with Anger

TweetThe excess neurotransmitters over excites the nervous system causing symptoms that range from mild anxiety to mania and extreme violence. These symptoms are healing events and its best if they are not suppressed. When pain and anger are trying to … Continue reading

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The Power Jog! Try This!

TweetGates of Power Method teaches you to nurture yourself—mind, body and spirit. Let’s take the “Gate of the Body” and examine how we can nurture and strengthen our bodies better. Step 1: Take an inventory of your daily patterns in … Continue reading

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Gate to Epiphanies–The Inner Map

TweetBased on our experience, repressed or not, we form interpretations, memories, belief systems, patterns of behavior, and expectations. Ultimately, we create our view of the past, our reality in the present, and our future. We can call the internal canvass, … Continue reading

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