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Gates of Power

Gate of Life PathThe exercises and processes of the Gate of Life Path support our life purpose. It guides us in creating a clear vision, taking the necessary steps and making the choices that lead to commitments and actions. These exercises assist us in finding the clarity and commitment needed to fulfill our potential and our personal vision.

Our personal life path is defined by: who we are, and how we choose to live our lives. How do we share our abilities and talents with others? What career do we choose? What is our life purpose?  How can we passionately contribute and communicate with others? This Gate emphasizes the importance of defining a personal life path and gaining a sense of direction and focus. For many of us, the sense of true purpose and vocation is lost as a result of a need for status and money. It can also be buried under socio-cultural pressures or because of unresolved personal insecurities. What really thrills and inspires us is not solely a logical or intellectual choice. This Gate assists us in finding out what truly nourishes our soul and how to commit to that and live a life of purpose. When we uncover our true Life Path, we gain direction, focus, and fulfillment.






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