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White Cedar Institute for Expanded Living offers the seven level curriculum of Gates of Power® method, a transformational coaching system. The seven levels can be completed in three stages: Beginners (Level I-III), Intermediate (IV-V), and Advanced (VI-VII).

The seven levels of the Gates of Power® program build upon each other.  Participants need to complete each level before moving to the next one.  Each level includes discussions, interactive processes and experiential exercises from each of the Seven Gates. Gates of Power® method is comprehensive and all encompassing. For best results, we encourage participants to engage fully in the process. 

On completion of Gates of Power® curriculum (Levels 1-7) participants who choose so graduate into a leadership program and are trained to facilitate groups and workshops alongside a certified GOP psychotherapist/coach at White Cedar Institute.
For people who prefer to work privately, individual sessions are available as well as couples/buddy sessions.

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Beginners: Intro - Levels 1 - 3

Introducing Gates of Power® method
2-Hour Seminar

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The introduction to Gates of Power® is a 2-hour lecture and discussion that focuses on the basics of Gates of Power®.  Participants are guided through an interactive presentation of the method inspired by the following:  who are we and why are we here? What are our deepest desires as human beings? What are the obstacles that are in our way? How do we clear them and support our transformation?

At the end of this introduction, you will understand:

  • What is Gates of Power® method;
  • How it assists you in achieving your deepest desires and goals;
  • How it clears inner obstacles;
  • How each Gate is unique and how they are connected;
  • The three aspects of the self;
  • How to create a personal practice for growth guided by Gates of Power® method.

LEVEL 1:  Stepping Into Gates of Power® method
Two-Day Workshop  

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Stepping Into The Gates of Power®

This experiential workshop uses a host of exercises and processes to help participants begin their journey through the Gates of Power®. During this workshop, participants will choose and explore a central theme of life that presents a challenge to them (for example, low self esteem, deep rooted fears, lack of motivation, fear of intimacy, etc.). The workshop will assist participants to focus and understand the root cause of the problem and will demonstrate how they can begin to shift this theme.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • To identify the three aspects of the self: Emotional Self, Defensive Self, and Expanded Self.
  • How to use internal dialog between the three aspects to create inner unity and inner power.
  • How the difficult theme in your life expresses itself in the Seven Gates (the seven facets of your being).
  • How to formulate an empowering daily practice to liberate, heal, and energize the self.

LEVEL 2:  Practicing Gates of Power® method
Two & One-Half Days Weekend Workshop

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This workshop delves further into the concept of the relationships and the dialogue between the Emotional Self, the Defensive Self and the Expanded Self. Participants will use experiential processes, special exercises, dialogue and mediation to study the three aspects of self and how to harmonize them.

In this workshop, you will achieve:

  • A deeper understanding of how the three aspects of the self manifest in our body, our feelings, our relationships, our life path and our spirituality (All 7 Gates).
  • Basic tools for clearing of blockages and discovering of healing possibilities available to you.
  • Further knowledge on the process of harmonizing and balancing of the three aspects of self.

Practicing Gates of Power® method – 4 individual coaching sessions available for a 50% discount (over a 8 week period)

You will receive:

  • Hands on, practical guidance on how to use Gates of Power® to harmonize your inner dialogue
  • Knowledge on empowering your body, feelings, relationships, life path, goals and spirituality;
  • Tools to form habits for successful living and accomplish your commitments for each Gate.

LEVEL 3:  Living Gates of Power®
Two & One-Half Days Weekend Workshop
Friday night through Sunday

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This intensive experiential workshop instructs participants to use their Expanded Self (the aspect of our being that is wisdom and spiritual understanding) to soften the Defensive Self (the aspect of our being that is guarding our survival) and dissolve fears and wounds within the Emotional Self (the aspect of our being that holds all our feelings and experiences). 

You will experience:

  • Processes from each of the seven Gates which will connect to the root cause of inner discomfort and the blockages you created to avoid them.
  • The release of limiting patterns and the reorganization and restoration of wholeness.
  • A major shift of consciousness and new perspective of your life.

Intermediate: Levels 4 - 5, Advanced: Levels 6 - 7

Leading Gates of Power® Advanced method

This level of Gates of Power® Training offers the most rigorous curriculum. It provides an in-depth experiential study of the self (and the Self). Graduates of stage three can, if they choose, to become facilitators in other Gates of Power® method programs by continuing into a leadership program which trains them to facilitate.

In this training you will achieve:

  • Transformation of emotional trauma and negative beliefs.
  • Harmony and unification of the self.
  • A mastery over your destiny and creations.
  • Leadership skills needed to be successful in attaining your vision and your contribution to others.
Option 1: Personal Path Price tailored to individual

You have two options to complete this stage. You can continue expanding and accomplishing through Gates of Power® programs by continuing your work privately within individual sessions as well as taking workshops that are offered under each one of the next levels. We offer one day workshops that explore each Gate according to the different levels. If you wish to complete a level, you will have to take 7 one day workshops (one for each gate) as well as weekly private or buddy sessions with a Gates of Power® coach. You can take the workshops as frequently as you choose and move faster or slower. You will be able to tailor the program according to your personal needs.

Group training includes, per month, a one day workshop, two individual sessions, and one buddy session.

$700 a month
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Leadership / Facilitation Program:

A training program for graduates of the 7 levels of Gates of Power®.

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