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Nomi will be giving her life changing Keynote Speech, "Master the Optimal You!" on March 26th, 2017 at 11:45am

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Gates of Power Level 1

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Teachers Training Program

(licensed therapists only)
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Ongoing Programs Gates of Power212 877 0346

White Cedar Institute for Expanded Living offers the seven level curriculum of Gates of Power® method, a transformational coaching system. The seven levels can be completed in three stages: Beginners (Level I-III), Intermediate (IV-V), and Advanced (VI-VII).

  1. The seven levels of the Gates of Power® program build upon each other.  Participants need to complete each level before moving to the next one.  Each level includes discussions, interactive processes and experiential exercises from each of the Seven Gates. Gates of Power® method is comprehensive and all encompassing. For best results, we encourage participants to engage fully in the process. 

On completion of Gates of Power® curriculum (Levels 1-7) participants who choose so graduate into a leadership program and are trained to facilitate groups and workshops alongside a certified GOP psychotherapist/coach at White Cedar Institute.

For people who prefer to work privately, individual sessions are available as well as couples/buddy sessions.

Seminars, Workshops & Lectures for Organizations

Gates of Power® is a highly effective method that helps executives and team members create a healthy balance in their lives.  Gates of Power® is useful to individuals in high-demand environments because it helps to manage stress, communicate effectively, tap into creative resources and master effective team skills.  The workshops vary in length and can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization and the level of participants. Seminars are available for Corporations, Non-profit Organizations, Education Institutions and Healing & Spiritual Centers.   Here is a sample of available Seminar Workshops:

Nomi Bachar is also available for Lectures on the Gates of Power® method, its benefits for healthy living, self-actualization and empowerment. The Lectures also cover other topics connected to the Seven Gates, such as effective communication, self-expression, creating and maintaining fulfilling relationships, healthy body image, and dealing with change.

For more information, please contact the
White Cedar Institute

Gates of Power212 877 0346

Teacher Training

Are you an experienced licensed psychotherapist in the Greater NY area? 
White Cedar Institute trains qualified professionals in the Gates of Power® method. If you meet the requirements and are interested in learning more about the Teacher Trainings, please email your resume to

You are required to complete a two-year training program for Gates of Power® method certification. You are eligible to consult Gates of Power® clients upon completion of your first year. Clients are provided to you through our network. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive an additional income.

more information Gates of Power212 877 0346

Schedule & Registration Gates of Power212 877 0346


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