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Nomi will be giving her life changing Keynote Speech, "Master the Optimal You!" on March 26th, 2017 at 11:45am

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Seminars, Workshops and Lectures for Organizations

In addition to the Gates of Power® curriculum, White Cedar Institute offers a variety of special topic workshops that can stand alone. These workshops are concise, informative, and exploratory. They utilize a wide spectrum of effective processes and exercises that promote empowerment and self-actualization. For a sampling of available workshop topics, see below. The workshop lengths range from 2-3 hours to weekend length, and can be tailored to the needs of the organization as well as the level of the participants.

Nomi Bachar is also available for lectures on the Gates of Power® method, the lecture covers the method’s benefits for healthy living, self-actualization, and empowerment.  Lectures also offer other topics connected to the seven Gates, such as effective communication and self-expression, creating and maintaining fulfilling relationships, healthy body image, and dealing with change. 

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Corporate Wellness Program

What is the Gates of Power Method® and how will it empower your workforce?
Gates of Power® is a unique, self-actualization method that empowers participants to fully engage all facets of life. This comprehensive system encourages sustainable leadership, work-life balance, and creativity in the individual and the entire team.

By bringing a corporate wellness program to your company, you are demonstrating respect and care about the well-being of your employees. By tackling issues such as stress, communication and leadership, you will be able to develop best practices for a healthier and happier team.

For more information on our Topics for the Contemporary Workforce
Gates of Power212 877 0346
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Mastering Success

Communication Power and the X Factor

This is a course in effective communication, personal as well as professional. Participants practice how to be clear, precise, expressive, and assertive in their communications. They learn to listen, take in, evaluate, as well as respond and mirror. Participants also master the ability to avoid re-activeness, blaming, and attacking. The skills of negotiation, request making, and tolerance of differences are addressed.

The X Factor

The Four Magic I’s and the Four Magic E’s, tools for effective communication, are going to be covered.

The Art of Transforming Stress

This practical workshop is structured to reduce stress. We use a unique process of listening to the tension in the body as well as in the mind. The process helps participants identify and understand sources of stress and learn self-coaching techniques for inner strengthening and relaxation. The Workshop includes meditation and breathing techniques, specific physical exercises, emotional release processes, simple self-massage and self-acupressure techniques to reduce stress.

Mastering Success: Unleash the Power Within

This is an effective workshop designed to build character and provide tools for success, supporting the participant’s ability to define goals and create realistic timetables to achieve them. The course will teach the formula

Shift the inner paradigm Vision Plan Choices
Commitments Actions Victories

This formula maintains focus and generates consistency. In this workshop, participants will confront self-defeating habits, fears and lack of self-esteem. They will learn to recognize self-sabotage and procrastination patterns and confront them. Participants gain skills for success, such as confidence, integrity, and self-respect while setting and achieving goals, staying focused on vision, building constructive and creative communication, and work habits.

Aliveness Training

In this workshop, participants learn to observe and experience their interference with their own aliveness. The first half of the workshop promotes and enhances the awareness of the body, often revealing shallow breathing and tension in specific areas. Behavioral patterns of holding back, suppressing, controlling or contracting are explored. The second part of the workshop is designed to confront and release self-destructive and repressive patterns.

Work-Life Balance: How to Have It All

Are you struggling with the demands of home and pressures of work? Learn creative and constructive ways to fulfill your personal needs and professional goals. This practical workshop will empower you to maintain and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. By understanding the Seven Facets of Life called Gates, you will learn to create a comprehensive and holistic discipline that keeps your mind, body, and spirit in balance. This practice generates your ability to achieve your goals.

Leadership and Your Team: Managing With Purpose

Leaders’ lives are dedicated to contribution. They create visions grounded in the present and expanding into the future. They commit to their vision fully and take responsibility for its manifestation. They inspire encourage and challenge their team members to work together. They utilize each person’s abilities, creativity and passion.

Gates of Power® offers a seminar that uses the empowering principles of the method to train participants in cultivating leadership abilities. The personal qualities that are discussed and practiced in the seminar are: Persistence, integrity, commitment, communication, creativity, compassion, constructive risk taking, flexible assertiveness and team building.

Women’s Leadership: Who Says Women Can’t Lead?

At times, women find the challenge of asserting themselves and balancing their responsibilities as homemakers and career leaders overwhelming. Learn, as a leading woman how to:

Creativity and Expression

The Power of Creative Expression

Creativity is the expression of the universal power through us. This workshop uses creative games, writing, music, movement, art making, and sound to facilitate and strengthen creative abilities and free expression, allowing participants to explore and enjoy their spontaneous expression and playfulness.


This workshop uses personal journal writing, poetry, short stories and inner dialogues to develop creative writing and communication skills as well as self-awareness.

The Art and the Craft of Self Transformation & Self Actualization

Introduction to the Gates of Power® Method

A course covering all the seven Gates:
• Gate of the Body
• Gate of Emotions
• Gate of Dialogue
• Gate of Creative Expression
• Gate of Life Path
• Gate of Silence
• Gate of Knowledge

Each one of the Gates can be explored in course format by itself.

Cycles of Renewal - Handling Change

At times, we fear change, or are we not sure how to move forward. The processes, exercises, and activities of this workshop support participants with inner renewal and change.

Difficult Feelings - How to Feel, Deal with, Discharge, or Communicate them

This workshop facilitates the exploration and expression of "difficult-to-handle" feelings such as fear, anger, desire, conflict, longing and grief. Participants learn to identify and experience these feelings in a safe and supportive environment. They learn to express, release, and integrate them constructively and creatively.

Pathways to the Heart

This workshop provides participants with a safe place and effective processes to complete unresolved heart matters. When not resolved, these hurtful residues block the ability to give and receive love. The workshop provides participants with the opportunity to revisit these wounds, heal them, and create the openness to love and be loved.

Going Within - Knowing and Freeing the Inner Self

A workshop that uses a variety of meditative processes like inner journeys, guided imagery, visions, insights, and spontaneous surges of memories to discover, understand and integrate hidden layers of the self. By integrating these layers we grow into stronger, more conscious people.

Intimacy - the Art and Craft of True Relating

This workshop is designed to explore the meaning of intimate relating. It helps participants achieve the ability to relate deeply and authentically. Participants become aware of inner obstacles that prevent them from developing fulfilling relationships with loved ones. They examine their patterns of isolation, dependency, control or rejection (of self and others) as well as the feelings that underline these patterns. They gain practical tools to transform them, and become more available to true relating.

In My Own Arms - Learning Self-Care

Self-care is very important for a healthy life. This practical workshop teaches participants to become aware of their needs, desires, and goals, to honor and respect them and find creative and constructive ways to fulfill them. The workshop addresses all levels of self-care from the physical to the emotional and spiritual.


Addictions have many faces: food, sex, work, substances, and relationships are all different modes of addictive behavior. Addiction is simply a “cover” for unfulfilled and unrecognized inner needs and inner pain. This workshop helps participants understand the feelings that cause and maintain their addictions. As a result, they learn to connect and support those feelings and needs instead of covering them up with an addictive pattern.

In the Quiet - Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

We are here to know and celebrate our human and spiritual nature. Each one of us travels a very personal path toward self-realization. We each have personal lessons to learn and challenges we need to meet. What are your personal lessons? Challenges? What are your individual, unique talents, gifts, soul desires? What is your path of contribution and expression? This is a workshop is dedicated to meditating, questioning, and discovering the answers to these questions.

Inner Landscapes, Inner Creatures

In this workshop participants explore subconscious personal and collective myths, archetypes, inner tales and dreams. We create stories with the purpose of integrating the personal and the collective subconscious as well as male-female aspects of oneself. Story telling and creative writing assist this fun-filled adventure.

Celebration - Cultivating Acceptance, Joy, and Gratitude

The ability to celebrate ourselves, others, and all of life's aspects is a powerful way of living. The state of celebration encompasses understanding, acceptance, expression, gratitude, trust in the greater order of the universe, and appreciation. Celebration embraces life, dances with it. Judgments, blame, self-rejection, and addictive patterns are some of the many ways we block the celebration of our aliveness. This workshop helps participants experience when and how they are in the way of their ability to celebrate themselves and their life. It empowers them to move beyond the obstacles and enjoy life.

The Body's Pathways

In this workshop we use a unique process – “the Six-Layer Meditative Body Scan,” a concept developed by Nomi Bachar. Using intuitive witnessing of the body's sensations, its energies brings forth images, insights, and memories. These in turn tell us what is blocked, and reveal a path to healing. Feelings are released and expressed and connections that lead us to greater awareness and wholeness are made.

Creating Grace, Strength and Beauty

Realizing Your Beauty

A workshop designed to strengthen the sense of inner and physical beauty. Most of us are not taught to see and appreciate our own beauty. We struggle to look better only to find ourselves feeling inferior. This workshop helps participants to let go of habits of self-criticism, demeaning and comparing. This cultivates the ability to accept and appreciate one’s own uniqueness and grace.

Body Image

Living in a society where models are our example of beauty, a lot of us develop strong criticism and dislike for our body. We are driven to diets and extreme forms of work-outs. We live in constant frustration and rejection of ourselves and our bodies. In this workshop, participants identify and release these extremely destructive patterns of relating to their bodies.


The aim of this workshop is to gain the ability to calm the body-mind in order to find a relaxed and centered state of natural aliveness and responsiveness. Participants are taught a variety of meditation and relaxation techniques.

Gates of Power® for Children & Youth

Emotional and Social Literacy through the Arts

A workshop designed specifically to help youth develop self knowledge, enhance emotional well-being and improve social skills. This workshop can be tailored to different age groups and adjusted to different time limitations.

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